Offer in Compromise

Get a Fresh Start

The government program Offer in Compromise allows you to pay an amount you can afford to satisfy your entire tax liability. It even includes the penalties and interest. Yes, they base the amount you pay on what you can afford, not the amount you owe! The program allows an eligible taxpayer to pay only what they can afford to pay, regardless of the amount they owe.

The debtor must meet certain conditions to quality for the Offer in Compromise. They must show reason for doubt that the amount owed is correct or show that the IRS will be unable to collect the debt in full under any circumstances. Additionally, they will consider those who can prove extenuating circumstances that will cause difficulty in paying.

The Offer in Compromise is the essence of the fresh start.  It could possibly help you eliminate all the taxes you owe – including all penalties and interest – at an enormous discount. Because there is no minimum that the IRS may accept to settle your debt, you could save a considerable amount of money. This is especially true if you do it “the right way” and make a compelling offer. If you qualify, your debt will be settled for a fraction of what you owe. Planning makes all the difference in qualifying and securing the lowest offer the IRS will accept.

As a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, Tommy Brown has the unique qualifications to assist you with your offer. He can determine whether you meet the conditions to quality and help you prepare an acceptable offer.

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