IRS Tax Problem Resolution


Negotiating a settlement of your tax liability on your own is like representing yourself in a court of law, it is never recommended. The process is time consuming and can be intimidating and frustrating. The IRS regulations are extensive and their agents will not help you interpret what is best for you.  Hiding is not your best option. Ignoring the situation will only escalate your problems. Do yourself a favor and exercise your right to representation with the IRS.  Waiting won’t help you or your family!  Settle your tax debt so you can get back to a normal life.

Tommy Brown, Enrolled Agent, Certified Tax Resolutions Specialist is specially trained in tax problem resolution and is committed to securing the best possible solution to your tax problem. Tommy has been successfully solving client’s tax problems since 2005. Tax laws are complicated and without a seasoned professional, you can easily waste your time, money and sanity. Don’t wait any longer, let me get started on solving your tax problems today.   Take the first step to solving your tax problems by contact my office today.

When a taxpayer owes the IRS it is the Revenue Officers job to collect as munch money as they can as fast as they can.  Tax problems can only get worse if not addressed.  IRS Revenue Officers will issue bank levies, wage garnishments and federal tax liens in order to collect and to get your attention.  Tax liabilities can and should be handled by a tax professional to protect your assets and income.

It’s easy to get started.  Contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss your IRS tax liability problem today.  Initial consultations are free and confidential.